I know, it's been awhile...

So... it's been a long while. Over a year! I've been a busy chick since I last blogged. A lot of life has gone by. I've bought a house, had a new kid, and of course several hairstyles! Blogging has been on the back burner. So far back, it's not even lit! I didn't even get one post written in 2017! I've posted my IG 2017 review to show you my year in a nutshell. My goal is to do a little better in all aspects of my life, including blogging.

I've watched friends take on the challenge of blogging as the new year began and it renewed my urge to share my experiences. As a busy working mom, I cannot not commit to a regular schedule, but I can commit to at least once a year. So ha ha, I'm done. For the year! J/k I'll have a new post for you soon.

Have you taken a hiatus from something and just recently returned?


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