The Power of a Library Card

I have a history with public libraries. I am an Army brat and I have spent countless hours in various public libraries. My mother found it absolutely essential for us to spend time in the library as children. As I got older, I chose not to spend as much time in them. But when I moved to Memphis for college, I was drawn to the Benjamin L. Hooks Memphis Public Library because of its enormity. The building's size blew my mind! I came from the small town of McKenzie, Tennessee where the public library was a renovated old bank in the small downtown square. You could fit several hundred of McKenzie's bank-turned-libraries in to the 4-storied library of Memphis.

McKenzie Memorial Library
Memphis Public Library

Libraries contain an innumerable amount of resources, most are free to the public. Of course they house countless books, magazines, encyclopedias and computers, my public library also offers a wide variety of events more than your traditional story hour or book club. As a mom, I love taking my babies to the vibrant brightly decorated children's section. They offer things like Knitting Clubs, Media Production Seminars, Job Fairs, Networking Events, Small Business Forums, and even Salsa Dancing.

I just recently discovered my public library's online resources. I can access thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and even music and online e-courses with my library card. My library partners with multiple eBook and eAudio distributors like axis360, OneClickdigital and OverDrive. They have also partnered with Below are just a few online resources offered by the Memphis Public Library.

Memphis Public Library Online: eBooks and eAudio

Memphis Public Library: Music

Memphis Public Library:

Does your Library offer resources like these? If so, what are they?


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