Wig Review | Model Model Deep Invisible Diagonal Part Lace Wig Dara

I love protective hair styles, but most require an extensive amount of time to put in and do not allow access the hair once it is finished. Wigs provide protection and allow access, so they are a win-win for me. I have worn wigs off and on for a couple of years now. I only purchase synthetic wigs, because my style changes so much, it wouldn't justify the purchase of human wigs. Synthetic wigs are beautiful and can be manipulated to look like natural, human hair. Even though I love synthetic wigs, they tend to tangle from rubbing my shoulders and clothing after a week. My solution is to purchase shorter wigs, thus eliminating the tangling.

I recently purchased the Model Model Deep Invisible Diagonal Part Lace Wig named Dara from Hairsisters.com in color OM430 (Ombre Dark Brown + Auburn). I absolutely love this wig. I have received so many compliments on it. People have thought my wig was my actual hair. This wig comes in a variety of colors, which all come with dark roots. The dark roots make the hair look more natural.

I prefer lace front wigs over full wigs. Lace fronts look more realistic when worn correctly. The hairline must be plucked with tweezers to create a natural hairline. Straight-edged hairlines are not cute and look super-fake! Another key to wearing lace front wigs is to wear them behind the hairline. Pulling your natural hair around the edges hides the blunt edges of the wig. See images below.

I also tweeze my part. The wig comes with a part, but they are usually tight and unnatural. I tweeze the part and cover the lace with foundation. Synthetic wigs tend to be a little shiny. To combat the shine, I dust my hair with cocoa powder. It makes me smell like a Hershey's bar! You can also use baking soda (also great for freshness) or corn starch to decrease the shine. 

Below are the color options for this wig.

Images from Hairsisters.com


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  3. Been trying to find this wig. Where can I order?

  4. Looks like they have discontinued this wig but here are some similar wigs I've found:


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