Rustic & Natural Christmas Tree Decor


I work at a church and right before Thanksgiving, the lobbies are decked out in the most beautiful Christmas decor. I work in the Communications department and each year I was unimpressed with our Christmas decor. So I became the self-appointed Chief Officer of the Communications Christmas Tree Commitee. I even dedicated a Pinterest board to the cause. I was informed that the Christmas decor was not in the budget so I was severely limited on supplies. I figured out if I went with a Rustic & Natural theme, I would have to spend little to no money. I picked pinecones and branches from the lawn at work and dug through my crafts supplies at home. Check out my results below.

Jute Rope (Twine) Wrapped Ornament 

Yarn Wrapped Ornament

Paper Star Ornament 

Pinecone Dipped in House Paint

Pinecones Dipped in Polyurethane Stain
Check out my tutorial for these beauties here.  


  1. Great job! I love being creative and budget savvy at the same time. ☺️

  2. I'm impressed! Merry Christmas to all!


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