Thrifting 101: Thrift Shopping Tips

Thrift shopping is an art. It takes time to develop and once you've got it, you can create masterpiece outfits from gently used items. I get a rush from the thought that I may find a great item for an extremely great price.Thrifting can be overwhelming, these tips can make it a little less daunting.

Have a List
Shopping for specific items makes thrifting easier. In stores that are catergorized, a list allows you to narrow down your search. This also prevents you from purchasing items you already have in your closet. 

Don't Expect to Find Something Every Tim
You will not find something everytime you thrift. Thrifting is happenstance. You have to be at the right place at the right time. Shopping often increases your chances. When you find something great, it will make up for all the treasureless hunts.

Look for What Catches Your Eye
I love bold and bright colors and prints, so thats what I look for. Searching for appeals to you will make it easier for you to sift through the numerous amount of racks. It really makes it easier if you're sifting through bargain bins!

Take Your Time
Thrifting takes time, so don't rush. There are hidden gems at thrift stores, you can't find them if you don't take the time to search through everything. So make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Look at Collars and Cuffs
The quality of the collar says a lot about the quality of the garment. No one likes a flimsy or dirty collar. When shopping for dress pants, I sometimes just step back and look at the hemlines. If pants have cuffs, they are usually a nice brand of pants.

Try on Everything
Just because the tag says it your size does not mean it will fit you. Not all brands are created equal. In my closet, I have clothes sizes 6–12 as well as small–extra large and they all fit. Unless you don't mind paying for something you can't wear, try it on first.

Check for Stains and Holes
Before you completely fall in love and pay for your new thrift find, check for stains and holes. It really is a let down to find stains and holes once you have paid for your items and brought them home. Common places for holes are armpit and side seams on tops and the crotch and rear seams on bottoms. 

Shop sale days
I love a bargain, but I really love a discounted bargain!!! Not all thrift stores have sales, but a lot of them do. My local Goodwill doesn't have sales, but they have 1/2 Price Stores and a Bargain Barn, where they sell clothes for $1.49 a pound!!! My local Salvation Army has Wacky Wednesday where all clothing is half off. Other stores I've visited have 99¢ days or daily color tag sales. Be sure to ask employees about their sales or sign-up for their email lists if available. 

Do you have any thrifting tips? Share and comment below!


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