Cardboard Toddler Kitchen DIY Tutorial

Our toddler loves playing in the kitchen. We are constantly finding kitchen utensils in the our couch cushions. So we decided to build her her own pint-sized version. I had seen several versions on Pinterest, both wood and cardboard. We decided to go the cardboard route to save a little money.

My husband brought home gently used boxes from work. It is best to use double-walled boxes because they are more durable.

We taped the oven and refrigerator boxes closed and sealed the edges with shipping tape. for the shelf box we hot glued the flaps to the inside for added durability.

We used a extra sharp box cutter for cutting out the doors and the hole for the sink. We used an aluminum roasting pan from the Dollar Tree for the sink.

Once we cut all the openings, we sealed all the open edges with shipping tape. We used foam core and hot glue for the handles on the oven and refrigerator. 

I saw on Pinterest that some parents covered the boxes with white contact paper. But my local Dollar Tree and Home Depot did not carry white. So I purchased basic white spray paint from Home Depot for $0.95 a can. We used 2 cans.  

To save on spray paint, we used wood contact paper on the open sides. Dollar Tree carries a light and dark wood colored contact paper. I chose the lighter colored wood because it matches the cabinets in our kitchen.

We used leftover pieces of cardboard for the shelves in the oven and the shelf. Our toddler woke up from her nap early, so we didn't get to put shelves in the refrigerator. We hot glued black CDs for the stove burners. 

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We also didn't get around to adding a sink faucet, but I don't think she noticed.


  1. Nice job on the kitchen. It's to cute.

  2. Did the spray paint work well with the cardboard?? I used acrylic paint but it wasn't as glossy, and it took a little longer than I wanted.. lol

  3. Spray paint works wonderfully! And it only takes a few minutes to apply.


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