Savvy Deal Steal: My First Dominican Blowout

<This is my hair in its natural state. No stretching, twisting or any other manipulation. This is how it grows out my scalp, in super tiny coils. My hair type is 4b/4c. I heard that a Dominican Salon could straighten hair in any state, so since I was starting a new job I wanted to debut a new doo!

dominican blow out natural hair memphis
 <I went to Martha's Palace (3570 Kirby Pkwy Memphis,TN 38115). You could see the stream as soon as you walked into the salon. For $30 cash, I got a shampoo, deep conditioner, blowout and style. First, your hair is shampooed and conditioned. Deep conditioning is extra. Next, your hair is placed in rollers according to your length and placed under a hooded dryer to dry you hair as fast as possible. Lastly, an extremely hot hand-held steam blow dryer and several round brushes are used to blow out your hair. A oil-based spray is sprayed on your hair during this process. It is amazing to watch the transformation from start to finish. 

dominican blow out natural hair memphis
 <This is the result. The salon is busy, but you are not there all day like traditional African American salons. The entire process took and hour and a half! My hair was silky smooth, just like I had a relaxer. I kept my hair straight for a week. It could've stayed longer but I started to miss my natural texture and felt the need to wash it. I have read several places online that say 'Don't straighten your hair, it wont curl back!' I say do everything in moderation. Some times you just want straight hair. And this is one great way to get it super silky!!! 

Overall, I enjoyed the process and would definitely do it again. Next time, I will do a hot oil treatment and deep conditioning the night before to get a little extra protection against the high heat.

Have you ever gotten a Dominican Blowout? 
How was your experience?


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