Maxi Dress refashioned into a Maxi Skirt

refashion refashioned maxi dress thrifted maxi skirt
refashioned She's Cool maxi dress ($3.99, Salvation Army)
 tank top ($3, Rainbow)
belt ($2, Salvation Army)
handbag ($30, Holliday's Fashions) 

I like maxi dresses but I love maxi skirts. Most dresses have thin spaghetti straps which never cover my bra straps and I have to have some support. So my solution is cutting the top off and wearing it as a skirt! 

This requires no sewing just a sharp pair of scissors and a nice thick belt. I cut right under the chest area on the dress so I can fold down the top when I wear it as a skirt. Plus wearing the cut dress as a skirt also allows you to truly have floor length, which I love!!! I often find most maxi dresses are never long enough for me.



  1. Great job! Love that idea. I have seen "granny" dresses that would make great maxi skirts. Need to try what you have done. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I'll have to try it with a 'granny' dress one day soon.


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