Wet n' Wild Lipstick Review

I am not a makeup artist. So I do not any brand loyalty. My loyalty is to my wallet. And so when Walgreens had a 69₵ sale on lipstick (They are normally 99₵.) I had to grab a few and give 'em a try. Growing up, my mother wore lipstick all the time. I personally never really felt confident how lipsticks looked on me. So recently, I challenged myself to find a few hues to love.

wet n' wild, lipstick, review
Black Orchid #508A 
I loved this dark burgandy hue, but I felt it added a few years to my face.

wet n' wild, lipstick, review
Hot Paris Pink #520E 
This pink was definitely hott!!! A little too bold for my taste, but not too bold to throw out. I will be saving for a special occasion.

wet n' wild, lipstick, review
Fuchsia with Blue Pearl #521A
This shade is one of my favorites! Powerful color, but not overly dramatic.

Blushing Bali #545A
I was surprised by the subtleness of this hue. Great color if you are looking for something a little more understated.

wet n' wild, lipstick, review
Just Garnet #552A 
This shade of red is another one of my favorites. I have seen red lipsticks that scream 'LOOK AT ME!!!' 
This is my red. Simple, complimentary and perfect.

Do you have a favorite shade or brand of lipstick? What makes it your favorite?


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