Wood Chair DIY Tutorial

I went to a neighborhood yard sale yesterday and found an array of treasures. I found something for each member of my family. Jimi Hendrix, Kiss and Led Zeppelin albums for my vinyl collecting husband and a box of jumbo Legos and a talking telephone for our busy, and super-talkative toddler. Of course, I found plenty of clothing which you probably see in future posts, but my most prized find was this lovely wooden chair that I got for $4.

 I love the character as much as the price, but I really disliked the seat cover. So I decided to change it. The entire project takes about 15-20 minutes. The tools I used were my power screwdriver (a standard screw driver will work, but will definitely add more to your time), staple gun, and cloth to cover seat.

 First, I flipped over the chair to view the screws underneath.

Next, I carefully unscrewed all four screws that were holding the seat in place.

This is what the bottom of my seat looked like. I could have pulled all of the old staples out and added more cushioning, if I wanted. But I was fine with it so I just covered the existing fabric with my new fabric.

This is the fabric I used to cover the seat. It is perfectly ok to repurpose fabric from existing items. I purchased this lovely print from my local Goodwill. It originally was some type of linen. In the past, I have repurposed fabrics from t-shirts and sweaters to cover pillows, as well as, used blankets and sheets for curtains. Do not limit yourself to always purchasing fabric from a fabric store. 

With the front side of the print down, I laid my seat on top, back side facing up.

I staple gunned the material on one side first.

Then I moved to the opposite side, after slightly pulling, I stapled it down as well.

I continued the same process on the other two sides.

And slightly pulling as I went around.

This is the finished covered seat. No sewing or glue required!

Then I placed the seat back in its position and screwed back in the four screws. And that is it! Easy Peasy! This is one of the simplest chairs to recover. 


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